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At Signature International Public School, we believe in nurturing the inherent potential of every child, empowering them to become leaders in their own right. Our commitment lies in fostering holistic development, where each child is encouraged to dream big and achieve their aspirations.

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Admission Procedure & Rules

  • The academic year of the school is from April to March.
  • Application for admission is made to the Principal of the SIPS on a prescribed application form.
  • Admissions form is available at the campus and also online here.
  • The Prospectus with Registration form shall be available from the school counter during the office hours for Rs. 200/-
  • The Registration Fee is not refundable.
  • The decision of the School Selection Committee for admission would be final.

For Pre- Primary

A child admission will be on an early bird basis and availability of the seats

  • Nursery: Age 3+ years
  • LKG: Age 4+ years
  • UKG: Age 5+ years

A small interactive session will be held with him/her. Admission will be strictly according to the age group of the child. It is mandatory to submit the Birth Certificate of the child at the time of admission.

Registration does not guarantee admission; it will be subject to merit and availability of seats.

1. Document requirements

At the time of application, the following documents are mandatory:

  • Completed application form
  • Original transfer certificate and photocopy from the previous school(if applicable).
  • Mark sheet of the qualifying examination.
    Photocopies of birth certificate and relevant identification documents.
  • Medical certificate (optional, based on school policy).

2. Application process

  • Applications will be accepted during a designated period announced by the school.
  • Parents/guardians must complete an online or physical application form.
  • Required documents should be submitted electronically or in person.
  • An interview with the school administration may be required.

3. Parent/Guardian Participation

Both parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the admission interview/meeting.

The presence and signature of at least one parent/guardian is mandatory during the application process.

4. Admission confirmation

  • Upon successful application, parents/guardians will receive a written confirmation or slip and an official welcome packet.
  • Parents/guardians must sign the enrollment document and pay the admission fee to finalize the admission process.

Withdrawals Rules

Every day counts - stay in school.

  • Notification:Parents/guardians must inform the school principal in writing at least 30 days before the intended withdrawal date.
  • Clearance of dues:All outstanding fees and dues must be settled before the issuance of a Transfer Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate:
    • A Transfer Certificate will be issued upon request and clearance of dues.
    • The certificate will include academic records and details of conduct.
  • Mid-year withdrawal:
    • In case of mid-year withdrawal, parents/guardians may be liable for a portion of the annual tuition fees.
    • The specific amount will be clearly outlined in the enrollment form.
  • Re-admission: Students who withdraw and wish to return later will be subject to the admission process and available space at the time of application.

Leave of Absence

Students seeking a leave of absence must submit a written application from the parent/guardian stating the reason for the leave and its duration.

      • Short-term leave (up to 3 days):Prior notification to the class teacher is sufficient.
        If a student is absent from the school for three consecutive days from the day of re-opening, without forwarding a leave application in writing, his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
      • Extended leave (more than 3 days):A formal application with supporting documentation (e.g., medical certificate) is required.


  • If a student is absent from the school for Ten days consecutively without leave application, his/her name will be removed from the school rolls. In both cases, the re-admission will be considered as fresh admission.

Additional notes #

  • These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school administration, with prior notice provided to the school community.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss a student for disciplinary reasons, following due process procedures.
  • Specific details regarding fees, entrance exams, and other aspects of the admission process will be available on the school website or through official communication channels.

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